We welcome you to immerse yourselves in our world of ideas and work. WTA Labs is a collection of our studio’s explorations on architecture, urbansim, and our cities. In this platform, we share our published work, lectures, research, live videos, studio features and project documentaries that show how we create, develop, and apply new ideas. Central to our work are people and thus aim to dig deeper into how the built environment interacts with the human environment.



WTA Live presents a live discussion of the architectural process of projects between project teams and our Principal Architect, William Ti, Jr.

Wednesdays at WTA will give you a peek at our studio culture every hump day. The very DNA that enables us to thrive in our studio and enjoy what we do as a team.

Projects by WTA is a long form documentary broken down into smaller stories showing the development of our design from inception to completion.



The Emergency Quarantine Facilities are temporary structures meant to augment and increase the capacity of our hospitals. It is meant to house PUIs to keep them from spreading the infection. The idea is to be able to build enough facilities to house all PUIs and allow the virus to die out. This will also prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed and allow us to flatten the curve of the pandemics growth.