Vivace Parkways

Master Planning Mixed Use
Rushmore Holdings Philippines
Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
57,940 sqm

Vivace Parkways is a 57,940 square meter techno park located in a five-hectare lot in Calamba, Laguna, Philippines. It is an art-inspired cradle of BPO Campuses and retail outlets integrated with an extensive park and informal art center.

At its heart is a dynamic and vibrant activity center that pumps life around the whole development throughnature and creative pursuits.

The activity center, serving as the courtyard, links every program together by providing access to the different parts of the park clusters.

Deriving inspiration from the arts, the amenities are designed to accomodate various arts festivals and events.

Its inspiration also translates to its form. The mini plazas are designed as the musical instrument they represent. The commercial building, on the other hand, is clad with a dynamic lighting system that shows real-time sound frequency around the development. Lanterns or elevated pocket areas that serve as seating and a viewing deck facing the center of the development are also integrated with the buildings to strengthen the relationship of each structure to the activity center.