Night Cityscape with Upper West Parc Residential

Upper West Parc

867 TM Development Corporation
Manila, Philippines
Under Construction
56,661 sum

Upper West Parc is a 47-storey residential condominium tower located along United Nations Avenue, Manila City, Philippines, and has a total floor area of 56,661 square meters. Being in close proximity to retail outlets, hotel establishments, institutional buildings, parks, and the Manila Bay, it is in a flourishing community of mixed-use buildings.

Taken together, these neighborhood stacks provide the much needed communal space for the community, forming a, more cosmopolitan urban community. The strikingly brilliant skin of white and glass creates a landmark effect by standing out from the skyline and providing a canvass for the vibrant colors of the sunset along Manila Bay.

The concept of the design is to address the problems of contemporary urban lifestyles by providing open public spaces on every level. These spaces are then arranged in collected stacks that form distinct communities, providing a smaller scale neighborhood with specific characters creating cohesion and association among its residents

Night Cityscape with Upper West Parc Residential