Tropical Loggia_Facade_WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Tropical Loggia

Anvaya Cove
2021 -

Tropical Loggia

An art of design opening the residence to the outside elements and harmonizing with it. Harnessing, polishing and applying textures and characters inspired from the outside environment within the interior spaces creating seamless transitions between two plans of everyday reality of indoors and outdoors.

Tropical Loggia is a proposed home design situated in a residential beach community. The design aims to bring the environment indoors by opening up spaces and incorporating natural elements into the interior details.

The entrance of the home was designed without a front door to encourage social interaction within the community. Instead, a long hallway welcomes visitors entering the home blurring the boundaries between the outside and inside.

The program rethinks how people interact and view the home as a collection of spaces unified when sliding doors are opened up. Social spaces define this residential typology. Each space is thoughtfully designed for privacy,  comfort and utility, which can transform into a spacious entertaining space when needed. All key areas were brought to the rear side of the house to allow people to enjoy the view of the lot. The rear side of the house was then opened up further to allow more useful spaces to take advantage of the view of the ocean.

Natural elements – its textures and characteristics – were incorporated into the interiors of each space, allowing its users to still enjoy the ambience of its surroundings. Seamless transitions prevail in every space giving its users a beautiful tropical home.

Tropical Loggia_Rear View_WTA
Tropical Loggia_Facade 2_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Tropical Loggia_Dining Room_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Tropical Loggia_Living Room_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Tropical Loggia_Mancave_WTA
Tropical Loggia_Mancave 2_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Tropical Loggia_Master's Bedroom_WTA Architecture and Design Studio