Actual photo of the Outlets at Lipa - Aerial View

The Outlets at Lipa

Commercial Master Planning
Lipa, Batangas

The Outlets is intended to be the retail pitstop to Batangas. The project is a 9-hectare outdoor retail development in Lipa, Batangas. The 22 retail buildings that compose this project are developed around ideas of walkability and human scale with a carefully designed pedestrian network connecting the different parts of the project. The pathway is continuous and creates a loop around the complex for a fluid and dynamic shopping experience. The Outlets at Lipa proposes around 300 retails and restaurants, outdoor playgrounds, football fields and covered areas for the pleasure of everyone.

The integration of the football field is central to the project’s driving principle to be a playful space for entertainment and retail. Locating the football field within the back part of the complex is intended to invite traffic into a less visible part of the development. A central pathway, the main street, runs through the central axis of the complex and the outlets are spread out on each side of the spine, emphasizing the main direction. The central spine likewise divides the development into Phase 1 and Phase 2. As a single-level development, there was a need to break the monotomy of the elevation. Playing with the levels adds more significance to the building and makes it more attractive. The buildings take a better advantage of the contours and make the development more interesting while keeping it simple.

Outlet at Lipa Soccer Field top view