Spring Hill Villas Clubhouse

Homes Residentials
Atlanta Land Corporation
Cavinti, Laguna
Design Development
Plot Area:
1,397 sqm
1,011.09 sqm

A new community clubhouse of Spring Hill Villas was designed to provide its community with spaces for various activities for people of all ages. Topography plays a role in the design of the structure setting the stage for the hierarchy of spaces. The clubhouse follows the contour of land creating multi-level spaces for various amenities. It serves as a place for the community to interact and features a deck that branches out to a swimming pool, a gazebo, and a playground, creating pockets of spaces in between for a variety of uses and experiences

Spring Club Bridge

The Playground – Children use different types of play to understand the world around them. In this playground design, we studied the possibility of incorporating various types of play and ways for children to use their bodies and interact with the environment and others. Some concepts included are: active play, sensory play, creative play, imaginative play, social play and reflective play. 

Playground Amenity

Being situated in a naturally beautiful setting, the clubhouse was designed to be open and walled by glass panels in order to allow people to enjoy and maximize the view around. The swimming pool overlooks a golf course, a vast greenery that compliments the natural and relaxing ambience that the clubhouse aims to achieve. 

Sping Club Pool
Linear park of clubhouse