Spark Samar Sports City

Government of Samar
Catbalogan, Samar
Plot Area:
100,894.03 sqm
110,483.67 sqm

The province of Samar hosts a variety of celebrations. People from various towns and villages congregate in a series of fiestas and festivals, which culminates in the Samar Day Celebration. During this celebration, component municipalities traditionally participate in competitive and collaborative festival competitions. Ranging from games and sports to colorful and ornamental costumes to dance competitions, local communities and tourists alike enjoy and look forward to this traditional festivity.

The Samar Sports Stadium provides a home for the festivals and cultural exhibtions the Samareños, Samarnon, and Waray proudly display. From Almagro’s goat-raising industry and native ipil-ipil trees to Zumarraga’s fishing folk, the stadium becomes a stage to showcase the true spark of Samar.

The Spark Samar Sports City concept develops a sporting infrastructure that will extend the economic benefit from major sporting events. The master plan includes a stadium with an 8,100 seating capacity, a sports complex, a commercial strip, a museum, a hotel, a BPO campus, and a residential subdivision. The whole development aims to provide a stage to showcase the true abilities and the camaraderie of its community.

The complex welcomes visitors and tourists to enjoy and engage in sports and games. The sports amenities available in the complex include a football and track field, tennis courts, volleyball courts, an aquatics center, a gym, a baseball field, hyper courts, a skatepark, an amphitheater, and an athlete’s dorm.
Athletic facilities serve as the anchor for many communities to congregate and participate in or cheer on games of friendly competition. They bring people together and will remain an integral part of the local community’s lives and the lives of the generations to come.