Sorsogon Bay Water Culture Park

Master Planning
 Sorsogon Province, Philippines

Sorsogon Bay with its protected and calm waters is an exciting and promising boating and water sports site. Together with Mount Bulusan, Mount Mayon, and Donsol’s dive sites, it forms an experience-rich tourist quadrangle that can cater to adventurers and thrill-seekers.

The integrated central bus and jeepney terminal will provide Bay City with a steady steam of visitors. It is intended to function as a playful and enjoyable place to facilitate transportation and tourism in the Sorsogon province.

Bay City will be the lynch pin development of Sorsogon City. It will attract both foreign and domestic travelers who seek to experience life in the tropics or simply to relax and unwind in an idyllic setting.

The architecture for the malls and terminals are intended to be colorful and dynamic. The tropical nature of this project shall require much use of louvers and overhangs that should serve as architectural accents and visual delights. The terminals as conceptualized should have a clean yet colorfully accentuated aesthetic.

The Riverfront Mall shall incorporate and guide the flow of people along the banks of the Sipac River and integrate them into the open nature of this outdoor mall.

The hotel and villas shall be designed to blur the boundaries between the exterior and interior spaces, yet still maintain the serenity and privacy of the guests. With the use of various shading devices and lattice-like like louvers, a feeling of clean tropical paradisal living is intended as the main architectural language of this development.