The Silhouette Residential Condominium by WTA Architecture and Design Studio


Mosaic Realty
San Juan City, Metro Manil
2021 -
4,401 sqm

The Silhouette is a 20-storey residential condominium situated in San Juan City, Metro Manila. The development is patterned after a new typology that integrates key features of an apartment home into a stacked single-unit mid-rise residential condominium. Each floor is designed to achieve both space requirement and privacy a family would typically require. As a whole development, the concept of stacked units creates a community of dwellers that have equal and easy access to social and community spaces. The building includes four car parking levels, an amenity floor – which includes a pool area and a gym, 12 floors for residential units, and a roof deck with a function room. Each residential unit takes up one entire floor, allowing for a spacious floor area for every homeowner similar to that of typical 3-storey apartment homes. Three-bedroom and four-bedroom units have been carefully designed and laid out to encourage collaboration and convergence in their common areas, while still maintaining privacy and serenity in spaces that are meant to be private. In all areas, movement around the home is meant to be natural and comfortable.

Modern luxury is interpreted through sharp and daring curves, premium finishes and visually stimulating layouts. The Silhouette boasts a light and bright environment with stark contrasts that are strategically placed to maintain dynamism despite its cool and neutral color scheme. Physical elements within the Silhouette are ensured to have contrasting implementations on its effect to its users. While solid marble and other rigid surfaces are interpreted as cold and unattached, its overall curved form accented with warm lighting makes for a softer, more elegant space. Similarly, layouts curving inwards emit a centripetal force that encourages communication, camaraderie and warmth.

Utilizing this concept and applying it in the interiors by way of accentuating bold forms and outlines to stand out whilst keeping the space sleek and elegant. Muted tones are also applied to mimic the shades of a silhouette.

The elevator lobby at Silhouette
Silhouette Lobby_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Silhouette Lobby and Reception_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Amenity floor at Silhouette by WTA
The pool at Silhouette by WTA
An open floor plan
Master's Bedroom View
Masters Bedroom
Masters Bathroom
Function room at Silhouette
Roof Deck at Silhouette