Seoul Animation Center's main entourage showing its fluid form evoking motion

Seoul Animation Center

Competition concept
Project Team:

Dianne Naval

Arvin Pangilinan

Carlos Nonan

Matt Sarmiento

animation entails the creation of moving images composed from the richness of the creation’s imaginative minds. The design celebrates the colorful process by activating the entire building complex through an interconnected link of walkways. steps and bleachers, and visual directions – allowing significant foot traffic both from the public and the primary users of the facility. This enables them to take a peek at what goes on inside the animation center. The concept of animating movement is highlighted by the tunnel which also doubles as sun shading and light display feature at night.

The form of the building works in two primary ways. First it is fragmented to expose the circulation space. This emphasizes the concept of movement. Secondly, it is a subtle play on Architecture surrealism as it visually and programmatically creates illusions of floating masses of earth.