Portal Mall

 GMA, Cavite
18,000 sqm
Project Team:

Xandra Alejandro

Portal mall is an aspirational destination ground for a fast growing community. It serves to tie the community together by creating new public spaces that are presented in a much more familiar and friendly form of a shopping mall. It is an exploration into the evolution of shopping malls and the need to reorient the commercial interests of the various community mall developers throughout the Philippines.

As a result of a growing demand for a gathering place for people who seek entertainment and leisure in a developing town in GMA, Cavite, Portal Mall is envisioned to be a trigger for the improvement of its surroundings. Built on a one-hectare site with relative flatness that eases the challenge of the mall’s aim for visibility, the built-up area of approximately 8,000 homes around it supports its role as a node for commercial activities. The Portal Mall is conceived from the idea of a portal which acts as an inspirational gateway.

A conceptual “portal” marks the entrance facade which volutes around the outer walls of the building that acts as the development’s entry point to the world of leisure and entertainment. The design of iridescent strips on the structure’s surface is its added character – an interesting aspect which will make the mall a town feature as well as an attraction to customers and passersby.

It is a symbolic threshold through which exciting leisure and entertainment facilities are available and accessible. This portal becomes a beacon that radiates vibrancy and color to the town of GMA. The mall is composed of general areas for entertainment and leisure activities such as a supermarket,
department store, hardware store, boutiques for fashion and accessories, food and beverage retails, anchor retails, a basketball area, a food court, and an open plaza.