Omni Gardens

Interiors Residential
Yatai International Corp.
Binondo, Manila
Construction Ongoing
31,544 sqm

There is a certain charm about living in a garden, a garden of romantic and delightful vistas that frame our daily lives. A garden must breathe and be allowed to grow and expand. It reflects the importance of space in how we live our lives. Omni Gardens provides an unrivaled luxury with the kind of space that each of its 58 units provides. This 41-storey garden tower is a modern classic that stands out in the very heart of Chinatown. Located along Ongpin Street, Omni Gardens is a meticulous composition of stone and greenery that reflects the materiality and values of its surrounding community. It stands out as an oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city with a verdant roof orchard, luxurious amenities, and living green walls that provide its residents with an unbroken link with nature in their daily lives.

Architecture is the art of creating beautiful homes. Soaring and majestic in both scale and form, Omni Gardens provides a unique lifestyle for its residents by bringing true exclusivity and privacy to Binondo. This skyscraper, clad in vertical greens and stone, seek to insert nature into its residents’ daily lives, giving them the incridible luxury of privacy and being one with nature. With only 58 masterpiece units, these mansions in Omni Gardens will be the quintessential family home everyone dreams of having.