Merit Field Stupa

Institutional Master Planning
Phil-Nedo Kagyu Bodhi Dharma Foundation
Trece Martires, Cavite
Plot Area:
27,364 SQM

Mahakala. Liberation. Enlightenment.

The Merit Field Stupa project is located in Barangay Conchu, Trece Martires City, Cavite, Philippines. It sits among open lots and a few residential houses. The project sits on a 27,364 sqm lot, which will consist of a Stupa, a visitor center, a hotel, retreat houses, and meditation area – the main zones of the master plan. 

The Stupa shall serve as the prayer area of the teaching in Vajrayana Promise as a path for beings to attain enlightenment in one’s lifetime. The visitor center shall serve as a space for tourists who wish to gain a basic knowledge of the foundation’s practices and services. The hotel shall serve as a relaxation area for the visitors who will spend a night after a long day of prayer and visit. The retreat houses shall serve as an accommodation area for the students and visitors of the center for the monthly, special, annual practices and short retreats like Nyung-Ne, Ngondro, and Phowa. The meditation areas shall serve as the reflection spaces for solemnity and meditation.

A Path to Liberation and Enlightenment

The teachings of the foundation are centered towards the path to liberation. The practice of Mahakala involves acknowledging the obstacles around and within us, which enables us to liberate ourselves from the obstacles that we have created for ourselves and cultivate enlightenment. The project takes inspiration from the flow of the users in the from taking the path to liberation and to enlightenment. 

Liberation is through learning the many obstacles in our lives. This will be shown through symbolizing colorful representations to the project’s structures and pocket gardens. At the start of the visit to the project, the visitors may take the path from the Stupa to the pocket gardens. 

Enlightenment is achieved by acknowledging and accepting the obstacles of life. This will be shown through solemn colors and clean lines to the project’s structures and elements towards the meditation cabanas near the river. After which, they may continue to reflect by taking the path to the meditation cabanas for enlightenment.