Batangas Forest City_WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Batangas Forest City

Master Planning
Batangas City
Plot Area:
300 hectares
Project Team:

William Ti, Jr.

Arvin Pangilinan

Pauline Morales

Roch Ong

Ann Tan

David Crisostomo

Matt Sarmiento

Dee Sanchez


Batangas City

Batangas has a unique advantage of being a unique city proximate to yet independent of Metro Manila. This has allowed it to create a more balanced urbanism that has been able to grow and develop as a viable alternative for the growing urban migration of Luzon.

Batangas Forest City_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Batangas Forest City Gateway by WTA Architecture and Design Studio

A Beautiful Setting

The city itself is blessed with the Calumpang River and Batangas Bay. This has allowed it to develop the second largest port in the country and become a growing agro industrial hub in southern Luzon. These waterways together with Mount Banoy come together to create an incredible setting for a rich and diverse human environment that allows us to grow a vibrant and progressive metropolitan center.

Batangas Forest City_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Batangas Forest City CBD by WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Human Environment

The human environment consists of various elements that human beings need and desire both individually and collectively. It consists not just of natural landscapes and ample space, but also of places that give us a sense of identity, and an environment that we can interact with. It is the nuances of these positive social and natural interactions that make an environment progressive and healthy.

Batangas Forest City

The Batangas Forest City seeks to complete the city of Batangas. It is not a separate entity but rather a key component that turns Batangas into a progressive and world class city. It is a keystone element that allows us to establish a regional center that provides a strong alternative to Metro Manila.

The Batangas Forest City establishes a link between the mountain and the river. It serves as a connecting element that completes this tropical ecosystem. The forest park creates an incredible natural setting in the center of the city that leads to the appreciation for the beauty and majesty of the mountain. It also traces a path along the river and it’s tributaries that firmly establishes the advantages that encouraged humanity to settle along the banks of our rivers.

BFC identifies and amplifies the unique advantages of a forest city. The unique opportunities that it presents and the sustainable aspects of this natural tropical  locale. BFC highlights and celebrates the majesty and unique diversity of a mountain and river. It enriches the live, work, play triad of urban communities and allows for nature to be fully integrated and become a regular part of every Batangueños life.

Batangas Forest City_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Batangas Forest City by WTA Architecture and Design Studio


BFC is a progression of the Batangueño community. It preserves the traditional social units of our compact neighborhoods and in doing so creates definitive communities with their own individual characteristics. These neighborhoods are interspersed not just with urban leisure amenities but also with key components that drive a thriving agro industrial community. By developing technical competence and development centered upon knowledge hubs like an R and D Centers, Logistic Hub or IT Park we are creating the ideal environment for the development of future technologies that can take advantage of the city’s natural setting.

Human Components

BFC will feature key components that enrich a knowledge-based city needs. It will have the natural background of both water and mountain for the next generation to grow up in. It will showcase how a tropical city can integrate forests into its urban centers. Integral industries will intertwine with the urban communities allowing for hyper local and synergistic growth. Sustainable facilities dealing with water and waste management will highlight how a better city operates. Personal mobility networks will meander alongside green networks creating incredible biophilic opportunities.

Batangas Forest City_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Batangas Forest City Trade Hub by WTA Architecture and Design Studio

A Better City

BFC is just the first step in the development of Batangas City. It is the catalyst that turns the city into a better city that can serve not just as a strong regional center but also create a desirable alternative to decongest Metro Manila. This masterplan serves as a starting point to the transformation of a vibrant metropolitan center for Southern Luzon. It is an organic evolution of Batangas into a better city for every Filipino.