Les Saisons

Mixed Use
Poblacion, Makati City, Philippines
2019 -
179,464 sqm
Project Team:

Fernando Cunanan

Les Saisons reimagines an office development within a vertical community. Highly varied amenities are allocated throughout the building with a range of commercial and corporate offerings such as office spaces, cafes, retail stores, alfresco spaces, public parks, and restaurants. Residents in the condominium, workers in the offices and visitors of the public areas have the opportunity to enjoy these facilities whilst maintaining private access through specified elevator strategies. Responding to Manila’s increasingly limited available land, Les Saisons maximizes land use by bringing together different programs. The design integrates different needs and demands into one structure.

WTA recognizes that given the building’s height, there is responsibility involved in designing a visually significant building. For this reason, site context and different massing were carefully investigated to present an optimal design strategy.

The Blossom

Les Saisons is crowned by a blossom that serves as a unique symbol in the Metro Manila skyline.

The Terraces

The tower is melded into a terraced podium that acts to situate the building with its site as it gently slopes like a landscape painting into the surrounding village.

The Stalk

The body of the skyscraper stretches sinuously like an organic stem that gently twists to face the main vista from Kalayaan Ave.

The Courtyard

The elliptical plaza courtyard serves as the heart of Les Saisons. Creating a centre that collects the people into a cosmopolitan mix of the various programs in the building.