WTA_Legazpi Park Terraces

Legazpi Park Terraces

Master Planning Mixed Use Residential
Legazpi City, Albay, Bicol
Design Development
17 + 1 Basement
Plot Area:
5,857 sqm
44,281 sqm
Project Team:

Rochelle Ong

Ann Tan

Wendell Baciles

Legazpi Park Terraces is a proposed lifestyle center with residential and commercial components surrounded by views of nature, ranging from the greenery of grass scapes in the west to the blueness of the sea in the east. It is located at the heart of Albay’s urban center and aims to become a new green destination that integrates the location’s natural environment into a modern development for the community. 

The building maximizes its featured natural environment by locating balconies at strategic spots and designing exposed hallways for the podium. A multi-level park at the podium level was inspired by the positive effects of green nature. Thus, landscaping in various forms were used to hold social spaces into people-friendly zones. The presence of lush greenscapes creates a more enticing atmosphere that invites both resident and non-resident to traverse its covered pathways. 

WTA_Legazpi Park Terraces
WTA_Legazpi Park Terraces
WTA_Legazpi Park Terraces
A multi-level park.

Playful textures draw in people and patrons to the building’s retail corridor. By introducing interesting and playful spots, the design creates a people-magnet around the building’s shops. Overlapping levels also allow for easy transfer from floor-to-floor and intuitive wayfinding. Gardens and balconies line the gap between two residential towers. The Legazpi Terrace Park aims to become a new center for the local community. By allocating a variety of social spaces for vibrancy and energy to proliferate, the podium becomes a venue tailored for all walks of life.

WTA_Legazpi Park Terraces