Lamba Resort Front_WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Lamba Resort

Legazpi City, Albay, Bicol
2021 -
GF + (-4F)
3,147 sqm

Lamba Resort sits on a mountain site with rolling terrain overlooking the Albay Gulf. The concept takes into consideration the contour of the site, fully utilizing it as features of the resort. The rooms and pools cascade towards the sea to take advantage of the cliff’s contour, view of the sea and of Mount Mayon. The design is fragmented leaving areas undeveloped so as to retain presence of the natural environment and the cliff in and around the resort.

Lamba Resort Left_WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Lamba Resort_Pavillion_WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Lamba Resort_Gallery_WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Standing in solitude, the sleek glass entrance to the proposed Lamba Resort is a voluminous space with architectural lines that showcases the horizon beautifully. The space and panoramic view provides a glimpse of the magnificence of the development.

The Lamba Resort sparks romance and develops deep contact with nature and its contours. Every level fosters different relationships – with the environment, with oneself, and with other people. Architectural details of the resort are partially embedded into the ground and partially projecting out of the landscape. Subtle passageways and steps create connections between the various areas. Its subtlety breaks the barrier between steps and nature, allowing one to experience nature while navigating through the resort.

Lamba Resort_Pool Side_WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Outside the private rooms are lounge spaces for guests to converge and enjoy each other’s company as well as enjoy the beautiful view shared by all areas of the development. Pools are situated in every level providing guests access to a semi-private pool for relaxation and serenity.
The amenities are found in the lower levels together with close proximity to the beach, creating a public space for all the guests to interact in and utilize. Guests are given a space for relaxation, recharge, renewal and rejoice.

Lamba Resort_Restaurant_WTA Architecture and Design Studio