Caliraya Residence

Homes Interiors
Caliraya, Laguna
Design Development
Project Team:


Carmelo Arancon

Dan Corongan

Yober Ferrer

Playful Terrains & Nestled Creeks

An open rest house that embraces nature and the site’s contours, while still incorporating privacy when needed. The design aims to provide security and privacy as well as a shade from the strong tropical sun by incorporating vertical operable shutters throughout the home. 

Rear side of the house

The facade of the house was designed with operable shutters that creates a well-illuminated entrance and hallway to the bedrooms when open as well as creates a more playful facade when closed.

The rear side of the house was designed to maximize the beautiful view of the place. It follows the slope of the site and integrates a tiered garden, which emphasizes the original site contours. Operable shutters were also incorporated in order to provide sufficient shade and privacy when needed. 

Taking inspiration from the observed natural environment of Caliraya and its playful terrains along with natural creeks that sprawl within its vast lands, the intention was to create a space that blends and harmonizes with its setting, creating a place of belonging in one’s surroundings. 

Similarly, the interiors of the house revolve around mimicking its observed natural environment. Taking inspiration for this, forms are deconstructed and polished for application in the human scale. Natural elements like wood and water add warmth and life while terraneous cleft limestone accents  bring the outdoors and earth elements in.  The interior dons natural wood as its primary finish to contrast the hard finishes within the house and cool climate of Caliraya. Practicality without sacrificing style is interpreted through straightforward silhouettes, strategic accent placements and organic textures. 

Bedroom Interior

The Floor Plan

At the ground floor residents and guests will descend on the grand staircase leading to the common spaces below, such as a creek flowing down. Fragmented planters are placed representing the rocks within the creeks that give its play on movement as water flows downstream. 

An open floor plan at the ground level where the living and dining areas meet

The ceiling design in the dining area is placed strategically to visually divide the spaces to create intimacy within the open plan. It is inspired by the water element of the lake, a bit dark or murky most days but quite reflective when the waters are calm reflecting the sky like glass. The drop light selection imitates the soft undulations of the waters of Caliraya. An accent wall and sculpture within the dining area is designed to tie up the dining area with the grand staircase; the grooves represent the irregular planters and the sculpture is the sleeker representation of the Caliraya terrain.  The accent light is dropped conservatively low to avoid visual obstruction to maintain a clean visual direction geared towards the view. 

The concept of playful terrains is applied holistically throughout the interiors up until the bedrooms and toilets. All bedrooms have plush upholstered furniture and oversized area rugs to contrast with the cold feel of the textured stone and polished concrete flooring. Rooms and toilets also carry an earthy color palette to bring in warmth within intimate spaces. Main finishes within the interiors are straightforward and non-pretentious. It simply exists in harmony and compliments each other as these elements naturally blend with each other in nature.