Imperial Era Mansions

Guang Dong
Pasay City, Philippines
Under Construction
75,740 sqm

The Imperial Era Mansions is a residential condominium development located in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. With 12 storeys and 1 basement floor, the structure complies with the aerodrome restrictions of the city. It’s podium includes a commercial area that is accessible at the street level so that people who walk by may have access to the establishments and stores.  The entrances of garage are on the west side and north side of the architecture.

The layout of the buildings is designed to the traditional form “Two loongs playing with a pearl”, which is believed to bring people good luck and fortune. “Loong” is one of the most ancient symbols in China, which should be accepted as a “Chinese Seraphim”. In Chinese daily language, the loong is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it.

The texture of the antique shelf is used for reference to design the main elevations of the architecture, owing to its unique Chinese style. The textures of transitional elevations between each two main elevations are much simpler, so that people can tell the differences.The antique shelf is a kind of Chinese traditional shelf, which is used to display curios and antiques. The lattices on the shelf are not arranged in an orderly pattern, and the sizes are also different.