The Ikebana house by WTA is arranged around an organic asymmetry embodied by room cuts balanced within the program. Pocket gardens are purposely arranged in stark contrast against the geometric face and flowing structure

Ikebana House

Homes Interiors
Private Home
San Juan City
Under Construction
2,300 sqm.
Project Team:

Aaron Lam

Jonathan Cruz

Blondie Riccio

Agape Chua
Anna Bernadine Carillo

The Ikebana House takes inspiration from the Ikebana form and arrangement.

Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, emphasizes form and balance. Its arrangement expresses both purity and simplicity. Moreover, the three main levels symbolize heaven, earth and human kind creating elegant and carefully curated asymmetry.

The principle of the Ikebana forms the program of the house. The site’s section view shows the vertical access which acts as the main stalk while rooms stem out from it. Asymmetry embodies the room cuts while the appropriate allocation of areas and standards keep it balanced. Strategically placed, pocket gardens creates stark contrasts against the geometric and sleek silhouette of the facade within the site.

Recreation Spaces

Master’s Bedroom

Junior Master’s Bedroom

Pocket Garden

Bedroom 3 & 4

Bedroom 5