Horizon East

Horizon East

Master Planning
Manila Bay, Manila, Philippines
2021 -
Schematic Design

The first phase of development of Horizon Manila is Horizon East. It is a 12-hectare superblock located in the centre part of the first island. Within Horizon East is a church, a village, an esports arena,  offices, dormitory, and an international school.

Horizon East embraces a conscious commitment to providing lush green spaces. It fosters the growth and well-being of a holistic and thriving community.

The village in Horizon East is surrounded by amenities that define its perimeter. It features 100 villa lots around a transversal community centre. A green lane bisects the entire neighborhood to encourage movement and interaction for both adults and kids. It includes a clubhouse, a pool, basketball courts, playgrounds and gardens.

Horizon East, Horizon Manila Phase 1 - Aerial View

Horizon East Village, Masterplanned by WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Horizon East Village Pool

Horizon East Church Aerial View

To the north of the village, the church of the crossroads weave various paths that come together to form the church. Representing the convergence of all devotees, the church becomes the epicentre, the communal hearth. This journey is an experience of openness and solemnity. It allows us to take a breath and reconnect us with nature and ourselves.

Horizon East Church Interior

Horizon East Church

Building more foundations for the community, Horizon East features a comprehensive K-12 program with the best learning facilities in Manila. The school focuses on learning through exploration and collaboration called the learning loop. It is a collection of pockets of ideas that serve as a meeting point. These take form in social parks that stimulate learning through sensory experiences and social interaction. As children hone their skills in school, their formed experiences contribute to creating a sustainable collaborative community – a ripple effect that spreads out towards the city and our country.

Horizon East Elementary Building
Horizon East School Sunken Space
Horizon East Upper School Building
Horizon East Kindergarten
Horizon East School Aerial
Horion East Esports Arena

The Skatepark and e-sports arena is a multi-level outdoor activity centre. This includes retail outlets, skating pits, and a central rock climbing pillar. Inspired by rock formation, the e-sports arena integrates technology with the surrounding landscape creating a dynamic and unique structure. It features areas that suit active lifestyles within the city setting. This provides city dwellers with an accessible venue for health and recreation.

Horizon East Esports
Horizon East Office View
Horizon East Offices
Horizon East Office View
Horizon East Skate Park

The Skatepark features plenty of areas for children and adults to engage and various activities. Through this designated space, the development hopes to encourage fitness, team sports, and constant appreciation for the outdoors and what it has to offer.

Horizon East Skate Park
Horizon East Skate Park
Horizon East Park

The residential block at Horizon East is a canal-side urban residence. It provides a bustling ground-level commercial walkway for residents, commuters, and visitors from neighbouring districts. It also highlights the shared outdoor spaces within the block, encouraging its users to embrace the surrounding outdoor landscape.

Horizon East Central Station Residential Block
Horizon East Pedestrian Lane and Bridge
Horizon East Commercial Center
Horizon East Dormitory

The dormitory is located beside the river and the school facilities. The dorm features a hierarchy of spaces supporting the diverse activities of its students.

Beginning with the area by the river, students may engage in water and ground sports as well as enjoy the park spaces alongside. On the level closer to the building, cafes and open spaces for multi-purpose activities are available for their use. Within the dormitory building is an open space on the 6th floor. This space provides students with a large venue to interact, to collaborate, as well as to use for meditation and serenity. Nature is brought in through landscaping and vertical gardens. 

Our vision to maximize what the city can be continuous throughout Horizon Manila. Building with communities in mind, Horizon East envisions a well-connected core for the city of tomorrow.

Horizon East