Hongji Gardens

Interiors Residential
Hongji Development Corporation
Pasay CIty, Philippines
Construction Ongoingg
44,295 sqm
Project Team:

Jon Garmendia
Ricardo Alina
Richard Yap
Claribelle Marie Tingzon
Kenneth Martinez

Located in the Bay vicinity in Pasay City, Honji Gardens aims to mimic the organic character of water, moving away from the cubical shapes of other neighboring developments within the area. The residential development incorporates a few commercial spaces at the ground level and various social spaces as seen in the central courtyard and amenity spaces. The courtyard acts as the main social spaced where people can go about with their various activities. It is also connected to the garden area. On the other hand, the amenities provided include a large lounge for various uses and a modern and fully functional gym for its residents. 

The interior design features quality material to maximize the comfort of its users. The common areas were design to be light and neutral while still adding depth through a play in texture and material.