Garden City Parañaque

Golden Bay Properties Inc.
52,687 sqm
Project Team:

David Crisostomo

Nico Quevedo

Christian Pagilagan

Jerika See

The concept for the Garden City in Parañaque promotes a vertical neighbourhood embedded in a rich landscape of activities and nature. The idea is to vertically integrate open green social spaces into the residential building that will serve as a place for communal activities and social interaction among residents.

Instead of designing massive homogenous apartment blocks, the mass will be broken down into two portions connected by an oasis strip at the centre of the development. There will be a cavity at the centre edge of one tower, which will house a series of garden steps serving as a main feature of the building. This feature will also serve as a filter from the outside pollution.

On top of it will be a cantilevered block containing residential units. The towers will be strategically planned to achieve passive cooling and allow each residential unit to have unobstructed vistas. With the play of massing, the development will create a beautiful neighbourhood that will serve as an oasis of green spaces for its residents within the congested city.