Aerial View of Ilocos Norte Stadium

FEM Stadium

Ilocos Norte, Philippines
2019 - 2023
Under Construction
43,820 sqm
Project Team:

DJ Maloom

Job Balayan

Thea Navarro-Rodriguez

Ryan Figueroa

Claire Luay

The Stadium of the North is a renovation project that will rebuild the Mariano Marcos Stadium, locate beside the Mariano Marcos State University. The stadium design uses social architecture that designs with communities in mind. The current stadium has a total area of 43,820 sqm and a capacity of 12,000 people. It is open to the public at set hours and is the go-to place for running and exercise of the Laoageños.

The complex houses the Ilocos Norte Development Office (INYDO) and Sports Development Office (INSDO) and was once the venue for the first Ilocos Norte Youth Games and Ilocos Norte Children’s Games. The site is situated between residential and institutional developments. The redevelopment of the stadium will not only boost the development of the talents and skills of student-athletes in the area but will serve as a venue for large events in the region. 

The FEM Stadium, Laoag allows for free and open access and acts as a public space multiplier by connecting with the adjacent Rizal park and campus.

The main consideration in designing this stadium is to link to its surrounding development and open spaces. A proposed sloping landscape that connects the Rizal Park to the stadium creates a sense of openness welcoming everyone to watch or use the venue. By opening the stadium to the park, it creates an amphitheater with an unobstructed view. It links the two spaces connecting the green areas, fostering walkability and accessibility. 

The stadium will serve as a primary function hall for the Ilocanos for various events. Athletic sports events like the Palaraong Pambansa, Milo Marathon, R1AA Meet (Region One Athletic Association), and Youth Day will be held here. It will also be a training ground for athletes and student athletes in the region. On a daily basis, it will be a hangout place for the public. The stadium will play a big role in the lifestyle of the Ilocanos. 

The proposed sloping landscape that connects the Rizal Park to the stadium and the adjacent neighborhood.
Interior perspective of the Stadium
Site development plan for the FEM Stadium allocating the entrance of the stadium and other amenities in the development.
The proposed sloping landscape that connects and creates a sense of openness that welcomes everyone.
The façade design showcases an Ilocano fabric that represents culture and gives the stadium its own identity and distinction.
The connection between the running track and the opening creates a seamless transition.
The FEM Stadium creates an open park for the community to enjoy and connect.

Multi-purpose Hall 

The Multi-purpose hall of the FEM Stadium features a minimalist design with perforated openings for better air flow and ventilation within the building.
The Multi-purpose hall of the FEM Stadium features varying sizes to house the different activities the community requires.