The Fem Presidential Library features a glass structure that links the old and new structures. (Perspective render in the day)

FEM Presidential Library

San Juan, Metro Manila
2019 -
6,000 sqm
Project Team:

Luca Arcari

Arvin Pangilinan



The FEM Presidential Library creates a dynamic public space in the heart of San Juan City. A physical barrier surrounds the existing landscape. The design proposes the relocation of the current boundary to create an open public space.

From a divided and fenced up space, the development is transformed into a public park. The new presidential compound introduces an interconnected design of landscape and greeneries. As a result, the integration of the park allows an accessible and flexible space for activity and interaction among the people, the structure, and surrounding. Altogether, the complex comprises of the exhibition hall, president villa, archival building, and commercial building.

Schematic model for the development's construction phasing plan.

President Marcos’ greatest and proudest achievement was building our sense of nationality and the Filipino identity. A sense of nation building that can only be brought about by fostering awareness through the building of civic spaces and institutions. With this, the FEM presidential library seeks to promote a sustainable future for every Filipino by introducing the practice of adaptive reuse.

Link to our past

The past and the future are always intricately linked in the present. Consequently, the compound focuses on the idea that we have to remember the past for us to build our future. The FEM Presidential Library at San Juan houses various archival documents and memorabilia of the late President Marcos.  Moreover, it provides refreshing and revitalizing gathering spaces for the community.