Eton City Center Masterplan

Master Planning
Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines
34,011 sqm

An intellectual district – Eton City will be activated by programs that lead to learning, research, and development in the field of creative information technology. It will generate traffic and attract population through the facilities that it can offer to both startups and large scale creative infotech businesses. Further augmenting this main function is the simultaneous development plan to make it a shopping district as well – making Eton city a self-sustaining community for living, learning, commerce, socialization, and leisure activities oriented towards continuous growth.


The development is woven by a connecting tissue that initiates, supports, and interrelates each phase to another.

Phase 1 dictates the direction of the development – a creative infotech incubation hub. In this phase, startups will be nurtured in a self-sustaining village entering around a mediateque. Phase 2 will welcome the matured startups from the village together with top BPO companies. To take advantage of the generated traffic while supporting the populations, a retail strip focused on servicing the offices will commence in Phase 3. Another retail strip that is more commercially incline will compose Phase 4 in preparation for the large-scale shopping centres in Phase 5.

Overall, the connecting tissue is initiated and enlivened by the thriving creative IT industry seamlessly blended with retail and public spaces – a creative infotech district.