East Town Center

Pasig City, Philippines
15,649 sqm

The East Town Center is a commercial development situated in Pasig City, Philippines. The concept aims to reshape the existing shopping centre by expanding spaces to create more activation areas to promote entertainment, dining and leisure. This will enrich the development as a whole.

The existing three-level shopping centre will be transformed to a centre integrated with open green spaces that will serve as grounds for communal activities and events. The central atrium and skylights allow to maximise natural sunlight. A garden oasis at the  centre of the development will designed to serve as aa node for the development and will also be one of the main features of the center. Curved spaces give its interiors a unique and smooth shopping flow. A centralised open food court will be extended to the outside garden. This will also provide nightlines to allow shoppers to easily navigate around the development.

With the play of forms and colours, the development will create a beautiful town centre for a unique shopping experience.