East Sands Resort Hotel by the beach

East Sands Resort

Hospitality Interiors
Pangloa Island, Bohol, Philippines
20,500 sqm
Project Team:

Jon Garmendia
Claribelle Marie Tingzon
Blondie Riccio
Stephanie Sia

East Sands is a resort that grows from an idea that begins with Bohol and ends with Resorts. The narratives that dominate the resort are an extension of the island and the programmatic requirement of a modern day beach resort. They allude to romance and paradise, encapsulate our aspirations and needs, and in the end form a distinct memory that one will always remember.

Discovering East Sands Resort through the senses, drawing forms and textures from natural elements and applying it in its raw and true forms allows the finished to share its essence throughout the space, enabling the materials to top onto the human senses creating a sense of territorial intimacy. Presenting itself with integrity and fluidity, creating an honest space.