Chinatown Oasis

Binondo, Manila, Philippines
Project Team:

David Crisostomo

Situated in Brgy. 287, Binondo, the site is an irregular lot with an area of 1,400 square meters. It is bounded by Juan Luna St. on the east side, CNC Investment Building on the south side, Muelle de Binondo on the west side, and a small alley along an adjacent empty lot on the north.

Appearing over the skyline, Chinatown Oasis is the fusion of form and function. Hotel and restaurants area are merged by garden amenities to cater to hotel and condominium tenants. The tower’s geographical center is transformed into its own plaza, complete with its own amenities and leisure activities. Instead of segregating Hotel and Condominium functions, the amenity areas will serve as a central connection for the establishment.