BSP Security Plant Complex

Institutional Office
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Clark New City
Design Development

Planning Principles

The BSP Security Plant Complex is a unique public building that forms the foreground of New Clark City’s skyline. Planning principles for the future demand a flexible and adaptable floor area as technology constantly improves the production process. The new Security Plant Complex rationalizes the program from a collection of individual structures into a united whole that provides maximum flexibility and allows for constant optimization.

BSP Plaza

Each facility occupies a complete floor that allows for increased efficiency and connectivity and are linked through a linchpin security core.

Integrated secure planning allows for compartmentalized operations and movement. The entrance plaza is divided into a collection of plazas protected by multiple security barriers. Operations and transits are shielded from observation via careful consideration of sightlines. The vertical core connects production operations with distribution and is adjacent to a secure courtyard that ensures and secures fresh air circulation in the entire facility.

Center of Biodiversity

The Philippines is a global biodiversity hotspot. The natural barriers incorporated into the BSP Security Plant Complex present us with an opportunity to create development that embraces nature by not just preserving but by enhancing it. These natural barriers take advantage of the site’s unique qualities of pristine and impassable conditions to create a natural sanctuary for endemic birds and other wildlife. 

Lobby Ancillary Interior of BSP

These sanctuaries with the water moats, together with the sloping towers symbolize our mountainous tropical archipelago in a natural landscape that reflects the richness and biodiversity of our islands.  The Security Plant Complex will be the first central bank facility in the world to also serve as a sanctuary for our living environment.

Coin Lobby

Living Facade

The living facade is a showcase of over 250 endemic Philippine trees and an exposition of tropical shrubs and plants. A constant display of life that shields the administrative building from direct sun exposure and minimizes thermal heat gain from the afternoon sun. Inside is a ventilation stack that naturally cools the interior spaces and allows for a post-covid work environment with fresh air and green surroundings. 

The living facade allows us to grow over 400 trees on site and provide 23,000 sqm of green roof space to absorb over 70 tons of carbon emissions each year, while still preserving the majority of the single roof area for solar panels and collecting up to 70 million liters of rainwater a year.

Natural Forms

The financial system is built upon trust. Trust based upon legitimacy and strength derived from honest authenticity. The 3 main facilities are stacked layers that create an indelible rectilinear form. This stable foundation is clad in raw nickel, copper, and zinc. A reflection of the layering of our built forms, from bahay kubos to bahay na batos.

This is a functional icon. A green landmark. An enduring icon dedicated to future generations. A unique sanctuary and living monument to the future of our nation.

Bank Notes Interior