Balay Luce Front Gate_WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Balay Luce

Forbes Park Subdivision, Makati, Metro Manila
2021 -
Design Development
B + 2F
2,084 sqm

Balay Luce is a house full of light. Natural elements, a beautiful swimming pool, and an abundance of natural light was the inspiration of the overall design of the house. Understanding the importance of carefully designing the architecture and interiors, particularly to address the client’s requirement of allowing sunlight to enter the house from all angles, directed the layout and choice of materials used. Creating family spaces where the children, the water, and the garden were visible wherever inside the house were also intended for the design.

Strategically placing garden lightwells ensured natural light to filter into the home, complemented with fully glazed panels allowing for visibility oriented inwards to the pool and main living spaces on the ground level.

Balay Luce entrance and view of the pool area_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Balay Luce pool area_WTA Architecture and Design Studio
Balay Luce living room interior_WTA Architecture and Design Studio

The living, kitchen and dining areas offer views of the swimming pool with glass panels. This creates a very open and spacious atmosphere within the two spaces.

An open living area with a high ceiling creates a grand and voluminous space. With the use of decorative ventilation blocks and a cool neutral colour palette, the living area becomes breathable too. Natural details and textures add a touch of luxury and elegance to this new home.

Balay Luce is a modern home with plenty of natural and tropical elements, allowing for it to blend with the lush environment. It includes a basement floor where one can find a gym, a media room, a wine cellar, a mancave, together with other rooms for house maintenance. The ground floor includes a sizeable kitchen and dining room, an office, a living room and external deck that leads to the swimming pool. The second floor is where you will find all the private bedrooms as well as a separate living room for the family.

All the spaces of the house were woven together with the understanding that circulation and cross ventilation was key to creating a home that the clients would appreciate and enjoy,while taking advantage of all the available natural light.