Artisan Tower

Salcedo, Makati City, Philippines
 17,102 sqm

The Artisan Tower is a 32-storey, 17,102 square meter residential condominium project located at Salcedo Village, Makati City, Philippines. Its main components are the residential units accompanied by a community space at the ground level with an art gallery above it, complementing the artistic context of the area.

The architecture of Artisan Tower relates with the majority of buildings in the village. It is important for the design to adapt to its site context to produce a sense of continuity of Salcedo Village’s character and not steal the place’s energy. Its design compensates the absence of good views by transfiguring its floor plates to properly direct the interior spaces to interesting vistas.

At the tower’s ground level is a ten-meter high community space that serves as an annex for the open and community spaces in the vicinity where people can gather. This area is accompanied by an art gallery space that provides a venue for artists to exhibit their works which in turn amplifies the lively art scene in Salcedo Village.