Antiao Riverwalk

Competition Institutional Master Planning
Local Government of Catbalogan
Antiao Riverside, Downtown Catbalogan, Samar
Construction Ongoing

The Antiao Riverwalk project intends to be a place of refuge in the city by encouraging a vibrant environment through a network of public open spaces connected by a link of active pathways.

The concept is rooted in the relationship between the locality of the site to water, which has given importance to places for shelter and protection for seafarers and fishermen.

The plan begins by first locating the public open spaces along the river side to maximise the urban harbour landscape. Then connect this network of spaces with an active link that runs along the development, which can later on extend to the city. Lastly, lower down some areas to connect the development to the water. A proposed public pool acts as the main component of the site.

This network of public open spaces will feature areas for social interaction and physical development where locals and even tourists can hang around to enjoy the nature in the open grounds, have a view of the colorful architecture on the other side of the river, and witness the ever-changing sunset of the city. These spaces will be connected by active pathways linked to dedicated bike lanes, a jogging path, and a strolling lane. It will create a continuous link of pedestrian-focused streets and pathways, complementing and connecting the walkable grid layout of the city.

The Antiao Riverwalk will be a way to reconnect the people to the water. The park encourages openness and accessibility, and will create a vibrant and desirable neighborhood tone for the city with all its networks of public open spaces and active paths. It will be a place to allow people from all demographics to relax and utilize, as well as become a symbol of the colorful aquatic culture of the city.