Architectural Scale Model Maker Intern

WTA is seeking for an individual who are considering a career in the model making industry or someone who is interested, have passion about model making job. The office is based in San Juan, Metro Manila.

Major responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Create scale models of proposed construction projects using variety of materials such as wood and plastic.
  • Uses blueprints, drawings, and/or CAD designs/SKP Models to create model according to established specifications.
  • Contribute and assist as required by the Senior Scale Model Artist or Directors.

The ideal candidate should be:

  • able to communicate effectively with others
    knowledgeable with 3d modeling processes from a simple
  • sketch to a full-blown three-dimensional piece.
    they must also have an eye for detail, the ability to understand scale, patience, and focus for long periods of time.
  • skilled with sculpting, drawing and 3d modeling programs, and know how to use a variety of tools, machinery and materials including glue guns, resin and plastics is an advantage.