Artesan Prime Properties is an innovative real estate developer focused on pioneering architecturally distinct residential projects in The Philippines. Currently, the firm’s portfolio includes the completed project Twelve Luxury Flats, which is the first ever luxury condominium with full floor units in the country.

Artesan Prime continues to write their narrative as it pursues a mission to reshape cities with groundbreaking design solutions. Through the compelling spaces that they create, Artesan Prime enriches life with architectural masterpieces, setting the country’s benchmark for luxury living.

Art Stadium provides sports and outdoor fitness equipment for both public and private spaces. The availability and accessibility of fitness equipment allows us to activate underutilized spaces and facilitate the further development of urban health and wellness. Art Stadium supplies stadium and arena seats and equipment, outdoor exercise equipment, as well as basketball and other sports equipment.  The integration of an outdoor lifestyle with our daily routines creates awareness about the need to make sports and fitness a vital component of our communities.

Izumi Bonsai Gardens is a premier bonsai store located in San Juan City, Manila, Philippines. Our garden and shop showcases a collection of exceptional bonsai trees both locally grown and sourced from Kagawa, Japan. Izumi Bonsai Gardens offers various species from Japanese Black Pines to Chinese Banyans. Through our growing garden, we hope to share our passion for bonsai as well as share the stories behind each tree with everyone.

Anthology Architecture and Design Festival is an annual three day event that showcases architecture and design within the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region. The festival began in 2016 in Intramuros, Manila and serves as a platform to bring together various practitioners and stakeholders to increase awareness about the relevance of architecture and design in our urban societies.