Emergency Quarantine Facility (EQF) at the Manila Naval Hospital, Quezon City

Emergency Quarantine Facility

The Emergency Quarantine Facilities are temporary structures meant to augment and increase the capacity of our hospitals. It is meant to house PUIs to keep them from spreading the infection. The idea is to be able to build enough facilities to house all PUIs and allow the virus to die out. This will also prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed and allow us to flatten the curve of the pandemics growth.

With the growth of the virus being so fast. The main need we see is speed and scalability. The structure has to be simple enough that it can be built quickly in 5 days. It has to use materials that are readily available and understood so most workers can work with it and it can be scaled up not just throughout the city but nationwide.

Emergency Quarantine Facility exploded isometric drawings
Height: 3.1 meters
Width: 6 meters
Capacity: 15 beds
Each facility measures 6x26m and will have 15 beds and two toilets. Patients and healthcare workers will have different entrances with doctors having their own external testing box to check patients without having to go inside the facility. Airflow is directed one way from front to rear with side vents that discharge air away from each bed and prevent re-circulation.
“We’ve made the designs open source and put them up online, so everyone can have access to them. It is our fervent hope that more groups would take up the designs and do with them as they please so we can build more facilities faster.” – William Ti, Jr

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EQF Metro Manila Location Map


Since March 28, 2020, WTA Architecture and Design Studio and the EQF Team are collectively built a total of 75 Emergency Quarantine Facilities across Mega Manila.


We are doing this as a humble service to our nation. After seeing the indefatigable services of our frontliners, we created the Emergency Quarantine Facility (EQF) for our hospitals and institutions that are at maximum capacity to provide quarantine facility for patients who need to be quarantined.

These WTA Architecture + Design Studio-designed facilities were planned in closely consultation with Dr. Glenn Angeles, an ophthalmologist from The Medical City and Health Hub Clinic. He is also one of the main members of the EQF Team. Since the design is highly collaborative, we also work and consult with other architects, who are also part of the EQF Team. We have also followed the guidelines on the conversation of public spaces into temporary treatment and monitoring facility set by the Department of Health.

We directly coordinate with hospitals that expressed an urgent need for EQF. We also welcome requests from local government units which have identified such need amongst their public hospitals. For the construction, we work closely with the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The main driving force behind EQF is speed, closely followed by scalability and buildability. The motivation to actualize the idea comes from the fact that these facilities can control the rapid spread of the virus and flatten the curve in the process. But to effectively do this, we need to move fast before our hospitals are overwhelmed. For the construction, we decided to use materials that were easy to use, flexible, and readily available. We wanted materials that people were familiar with, and with minimal knowledge, most workers can start using and building. Since mobility and logistics are difficult under enhanced community quarantine, we need something that does not utilize and require much manpower or construction equipment.

We require a lot of wood pallets, wood frames, insulation foam, and polyethylene sheets. For the full list of materials with dimensions, refer to our open source link at bit.ly/EQF-WTA .

A functional EQF, that can be built in 5 days, costs PHP550,000. If interested, please contact Prim Paypon at ppaypon@aim.edu

You can make donations at bit.ly/eqfacility.
You can also send your donations directly to our bank account via: Bank Name: BDO Unibank Account Name: Anthology Festival Organization Manila Inc. Account Number: 004658012036
Once deposited, kindly email us your deposit or bank transfer slip to eqfacility@anthologyfest.org.